The greenhouse

It’s been a while since my last blog…Spring is here, although it feels colder now than a few weeks ago, the flowers in the garden are throwing caution to the wind and blooming. The crazy moving of boxes from one space to another has settled, the garden is beginning to take shape and yet there is great sadness in our new home…

So, the greenhouse arrived one Thursday morning, all parcelled up with ‘IKEA like’ step by step instructions. I decided, it was not going to be that difficult to put it up, it clearly states you don’t have to have any technical knowledge, just a ‘willing’ helper. All eager to get started I got all the fixings out of the boxes, laid them out and quickly put them all away again…why?

Daisy, our very plump pregnant Miniature Schnauzer, a little earlier than expected, goes into labour. Anyone that has had a litter of puppies might relate to the following – jet lag without the holiday, followed by a week of watching and listening, sleeping on the sofa with one ear open and the most skilled task, being able to get out of a sleeping bag in double quick time, without falling flat on your face.

And yet there is sadness…

A week later, the greenhouse is still laid on the floor of the barn and the instructions still sat on the kitchen table…a little hiccup in my planning.

Currently, there are seedling all over the house…hollyhocks in trays in the spare bedroom, dahlias on the windowsill, tomatoes in the study and pots upon pots of seedling, that are just breaching the compost, in the bathroom. So that greenhouse has got to go up sooner rather than later, otherwise the house will look like a scene from War of the Worlds.

After much deliberation, a home for the greenhouse was decided and the day had come to begin…but in true Sue fashion, I hadn’t really thought about the tonnes of gravel I would have to move before I could even begin to get started…2 days later, there it was a 14 X 8 flat space all ready for the base.

Enlisting my ‘willing helper’ the base was erected and position to see exactly where the holes needed digging in order to secure the base into the ground…when one of our new neighbours comes to chat at the garden gate, which resulted in…

…’Of course we can move it a little further to the right, it’s not a problem at all’

What I could hear coming out of my mouth, was the exact opposite of what my head was thinking – let’s see… we just have to move a shed, another few tonne of gravel, a coal bunker and a wood store…better get the spade out again!

When we brought Luna home just over 3 years ago, we knew she was no Miniature Schnauzer. A hound dog through and through. Eager to please, a little clumsy at times but the most loving dog anyone could want…she can look into your eyes and make you feel slightly on edge…I swear she can read minds. Strong willed, with the energy of a husky on speed, she has filled our life with much happiness and yet there is great sadness…

First job – empty the shed, which wasn’t all bad because I found misplaced items from the move 6 weeks ago, the most treasured being a box of seeds I had collected from the garden last Autumn…this makes me very happy, unlike the concrete base that sits under the shed…getting this out is going to take more than a spade…and so everything comes to a standstill.

Just after Christmas amongst the mounds of packing boxes – Luna and Lyra shocked us by doing something they had never done before, they came to blows…and since then, there have been several more incidents. We now live playing a game of taking turns in the garden and always have the door closed between the living room and kitchen.

So there is sadness…and the greenhouse is still not up, the double bed in the spare room is now completely covered in seed trays, every windowsill full and makeshift cold frames are popping up all over the garden. Sweet peas, Larkspur and Cornflowers, sown last year, have already been planted and are growing well. The tulips we so carefully transported in temporary beds are flowering along with ranunculus, anemone and narcissi.

The sadness comes in big waves. We cannot bear to see Luna leave us…we are lost and confused…Luna and Lyra, please be friends again!

And the greenhouse – well it’s still not up.

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