The East Wind…

We must be the only place in the country with no snow. So you would have thought, I would be streets ahead of other growers, alas no, lots of very cold winds and sub zero temperatures, delayed the whole process by a week.

This week, I carefully wrote labels, selected packets of seeds and waited…and waited…until I decided the only way I was going to get these seeds sown was to put the frozen compost in the kitchen sink and let it thaw. Which it did, rapidly once the central heating had done its job.

I am really excited to be sowing Ammi majus this year. It’s become one of my favourite flowers. Often used as a filler, I think it’s frothy personality shouldn’t be overlooked as the possible star of the show. Not shy to show off millions of tiny clusters, it can look amazing in a large vase: a chorus of Ammi, no soloists allowed. Teamwork: each stem taking ownership of a position within the vase, each stem creating a spectacle, together they are magnificent.

They remind me of warm summer days, skylarks, and long country walks, where there cousin the wild carrot can be seen swaying in a warm gentle breeze – unlike the gail force winds from the east we have been experiencing this week. I have been expecting Mary Poppins to turn up with a spoon full of sugar. I haven’t seen her yet…but there is still time. I’ll keep looking for her turned out feet and carpet bag, although, I suspect, the only way I will see her is via the tv adorning the corner of the living room.

A part of me felt quite cheated that we hadn’t had snow like the rest of the country. I think there is nothing better than being told the roads are blocked, stay at home…”step off the treadmill, take a break and watch Mary Poppins “…time to stop and take stock, even if it’s only for an unexpected day.

Taking stock for me happens when I am either working in the garden or working in my flower studio. Mulling over possibilities, thinking about all manner of things that usually cannot access my hurried lifestyle. And then it’s interrupted…until the next flower arrangement needs making or the flower beds need weeding.

I ordered four beautiful rose bushes this week, so hopefully the weather will have gotten a little warmer, so I can begin to find them a home, in which case I will tell you all about them next week.

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