My new best friend

Jezz asked me how I was feeling about moving house a few days before we left and my reply was ‘I feel a little bit like a Jaffa cake’. God knows what his counsellor head thought of that one, so I went on to explain…’ it feels like I am the two parts of a Jaffa cake, a part of me is very excited, I can’t wait to have a new adventure and then there is another part of me that is comfortable and resisting the change…’

So how do I feel now? Overwhelmed by 100 plus jobs that I want done yesterday, I must sound like a crazy women! And that is how I have felt for the last two weeks. One day, so grateful that we have found such a lovely place to live and the next moment stressing because the house needs so much work.

It doesn’t smell like our house, even after two weeks, maybe it’s because it’s not our home yet? Each day I can see it more and more as the boxes emerge from the barn, (By the way, it’s not really a barn, just a very large garage, with floor space that is nearly as big as our downstairs living, so to us it’s the barn) but its a slow process and I am an impatient person with far too many ideas!

In the first week I found it difficult to start working in the garden not because I couldn’t have stolen some time from the monotonous cycle of cleaning and unpacking, no I was stopping myself from spending time in it. I felt i was trespassing, and at any moment somebody would come out and yell at me – ‘get out of my garden’.

It was strange because I didn’t feel the same way about the house. I can only compare that to being on a weekend break, where the advert suggested ‘quant and romantic cottage’ and what we actually got was an ‘old cottage with creaky floorboards, no straight walls and untraceable smells’…but the garden was another matter.

I have to say I think I was a little star struck. It felt like I had just met a very special person. This wasn’t just a garden, it was going to be my home, my haven…the place my dreams were/are going to become real…

…were sunflowers will grow above the garden wall to find the last rays from the sun.

…were Sean’s rhubarb, which he grew from seed, will find a sunny position and hopefully become rhubarb and ginger jam.

…were the marshmallow plant, having been a part of the family for over 30 years, will have a special corner to call home.

…were the peony will sunbathe for a couple of years, growing strong enough to show us again, it’s big pink blooms.

…were carrots will grow as treats for the dogs: Leeloo; Lyra; Luna; Daisy and Lily-Bell.

…were I will sow annuals, bringing food for bees and butterflies and bouquets to sell at the garden gate.

…were I will live.

Like any star struck teenager with a crush, I came to my senses and got the secateurs out…a little snip here and a little snip there and a pile of twigs later, I finally felt I had said hello to my new best friend…good morning garden, how are you today?

….good morning plum tree, do you have a special name? Damson maybe?

…good morning Eucalyptus, I am sure you have grown since yesterday!

…good morning little rhododendron, I think you would be happier in a shadier part of the garden, what do you think?

…good morning gladioli, you all seem to be spread all over the garden, shall we find you a home all together where you can have conversations without shouting across the lawn?

…good morning to everyone, whose name I do not know yet, but I am sure I will know, by the end of the summer.

Good morning garden…lets get this dream started.

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