The photo shoot

25th February 2018

Ok, I have to admit creating a very simple website was not the easiest job for me, I grow and arrange flowers, and that skill does not quite extent to creating a website. When I decided 2 years ago that the last phase of my working life was not going to be in teaching, it wasn't long before I realised, what I did every year was...sow seeds, tend to young plants and arrange beautiful, I decided the next stage of my working life would be with flowers.

After teaching for 25 years, it was time to take my own advise and follow my dreams. Over the years, I had given that very same advise to so many aspiring performing arts students. So my journey began with lots of classes and workshops, practising and learning everything I could to become a florist.

So here I am, at the beginning of a new adventure.

This week was exciting because I joined Leafy Couture in a photo shoot at their new home: Wharfedale Grange near Harewood. The sun shone, the mood was one of excitement and the flowers rose to the occasion (excuse the pun). As we moved from scene to scene, it was not too dissimilar to working on a show, where collaboration is key but one person holds it all together, and knows everyones lines, cues and action. Sarah Richardson, founder of Leafy Couture was our director for the day, managing a large team of stylists - all artists in their own right.

A Director always has to be one step ahead of everyone and everything. The routine was familiar...the surrounding, maybe a little prettier than the studio, had transformed into an orchard. Yes, this was a familiar space.

As I drove home from the shoot, I remember thinking, did I eat and drink today? It was at that very moment, it occurred to me that...I didn't care if I hadn't broken for lunch, because today confirmed, I had made the right decision two years ago...I had a new outlet for my creativity. Don't get me wrong, I am not starry eyed enough to think, everyday will be so much fun, but I do know that I didn't have to engage in a mountain of unnecessary paperwork (that comes with teaching), before and after my teaching day. And yes, I did eat, because Amie brought me a lovely bowl of soup out into the orchard...a spoonful of soup for me...a flower for the hoop. And so the day continued.

This week I am going to be sowing lots of new seeds for the cutting garden, that's if I can get near the greenhouse because the weatherman has promised us lots of snow this week.

Photo shoot organised and run by Leafy Couture and supported florists : @natashajaneevents @moondanceflowers @the_petal_studio @northernstems

Yorkshire suppliers who collaborated were: @lauracalderwood @wharfedalegrange @nataliewmakeup @typicaltypeuk @_bridalemporium @wildandwonderuk @jbcweddingstationery @l27weddings

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