Good Friday

Friday was good because we returned from a short holiday to Cuba, where the pace is much more leisurely, the sun much happier to share its face, and the Internet close to non existent – bliss!

As welcome as a break was, the feeling of being home was like putting on a favourite old jumper, which I snuggled into quite intuitively without struggling to get my arms into the sleeves. It provided comfort to a jet lagged body whilst I sat next to a log fire, with new floristry books in hand and a gaggle of dogs by my side.

Outside it is raining, the patio is flooded yet again this year, there is snow forecast for Monday and I begin to wonder whether I will ever get my garden growing this year. As I mentioned in my last blog my garden doesn’t stay still for very long before I rearrange it all over again and this year will be no different. A few favourites will remain…the beautiful peonies, foxgloves and roses, but many of the annuals will be either a different variety or a change of colour.

I buy seeds in the same way that I go shopping for food. l know certain ingredients will make a multitude of different dishes, but as the last barcode bleeps and the bill arrives, I have no idea what we will be eating for the next week…and that is exciting because there will be lots of possibilities to be creative. Buying seeds and planning the cutting garden is no different. I have my ingredients, but not until the day will I know whether it’s going to be an omelette, a soufflĆ© or simply a boiled egg with toasted soldiers…and that is why my garden changes every year.

The Ammi, which was sown a few weeks ago is now finding its feet in the seed tray, stretching its little roots, like toes finding their balance on the floor for the first time. It won’t be long before they will want bigger shoes, repotting is not far away…bigger spaces to rest those growing roots. Rather like an excited toddler the Rose Cosmos is showing off its frilly secondly leaves…look at me…look at me! And the Sasha Daisy’s are standing proud, after being awarded a gold star this week for growing happily whilst we have been away.

Tomorrow is going to be another big sowing day. I would like to think it’s because, given the weather forecast, i planned to be in the garden today whilst it was dry and in the greenhouse tomorrow when the forecast is for snow. No, it’s because I forgot the seed compost and all the shops are shut…it’s Easter Sunday and Aprils Fools day…interesting combination for a floral arrangementšŸ˜Š

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