Last weekend was very busy with Mothers Day and a visit to Cruft’s. My first Mother’s Day as a florist was quite exciting, if somewhat chaotic, and made me realise my style of making is very much “in the moment”.

Despite, carefully selecting flowers for their colours and shapes, the whole process of making the arrangements depended on a multitude of possibilities at that very moment in time: the way the flowers were presenting themselves; how the colours and shapes blended or fought against each other and probably the most important to me – did I like what I saw, did it invite me to ‘eat it’? I know, that might sound strange, but I know I am not the only person who often feels a flower looks good enough to eat? I digress…so I came to realise that selecting and arranging flowers is quite subjective, like buying the ingredients for a cake, you need the right colour/shape of flower, but arranging them in their final position is much freer…more open to preference.

After a day at Crufts, I questioned the whole notion of a selection process. How can something so subjective, be what stands between winning and failing. Of course, there are breed standards, but even then preference wins. Most of the morning was spent watching hundreds of Golden Retrievers, competing for a prestigious 1st place. It wasn’t long before I realised that the judge for today, preferred dogs with a darker coat, bordering on tan in comparison to the lighter golden dogs. As we watched each category being judged, there it was, another dog with a dark coat in 1st place…preference, taste, whatever you want to call it, appears to be as individual as we are as people.

I prefer flowers like foxgloves; hollyhocks and roses. In fact anything that reminds me of an old fashioned English cottage garden. For me they hold a romantic nostalgic feeling (that is probably totally inaccurate), of days when our culture was slower, less rushed and less reliant on technology.

This week one of the roses I ordered arrived, and I was bought two more for Mother’s Day, which means this weekend they will need to be found new homes. I am thinking they may go into the front garden, so their sweet aromas will waft through the open windows in summer. In order to accommodate them, I will have to move a few fruit bushes…I can hear one of my son-in-laws already saying…are you moving things again! So maybe next time, I might tell you about my cutting garden, and why it is in constant flux.